Student Clicker Registration

As Penn State transitions from ANGEL to Canvas, students may need to register their clicker twice, once for ANGEL as they’ve always done, and once for Canvas using our new clicker registration system.

When students visit, they will see two prominent buttons – “Register your clicker for ANGEL” and “Register your clicker for Canvas”  If all of their clicker classes are using ANGEL, they will only need to register using the ANGEL registration link.  If all of their classes are using Canvas, they will only need to register using the Canvas registration link.  If they have clicker classes using both ANGEL and Canvas, they will need to register using both links.

Once Penn State’s transition to Canvas is complete, we will remove the ANGEL registration link.

i>clicker Software Course Settings

When using i>clicker with Canvas, you will need to change a few settings in the i>clicker software for your course.

Open the i>clicker software, create your course or click on it if already created, and then click the Settings button.

Click on the Gradebook tab to move to the Gradebook settings.

Next to “Roster Source” choose “Canvas.”

Next to “Server URL:” add the following address:

Click Save.



Export Gradebook from Canvas to Add Student Names to i>clicker

Login to Canvas, select your course, and click Grades.

Click Export, then Current.  A copy of your Canvas gradebook will be downloaded to your computer.


Open i>clicker, click on your Course, and click Open Gradebook.

Click the Import button, click Browse and select the gradebook file you just downloaded from Canvas.  It will most likely be in the Downloads folder of your computer.  Click Open.

Your students names should now appear in the i>clicker gradebook.  Once you have run a clicker session in class, you will be able to click the Sync button to sync the students’ clicker registrations.

Export Grades from i>clicker and into Canvas

Open the i>clicker software, click on your course, and then click Open Gradebook.

Click the Sync button to update any student clicker registrations that may have happened since the last time you synced.

Click the Export button, and put a checkmark next to the section or sections that you wish to include in the export.  Click Next.

Click the option to “Aggregate sessions together as a single entry” and click the Export button.  Save the file somewhere easy to locate.

Login to Canvas and choose your course.

(First clicker points upload only)  If this is the first time that you’re uploading clicker points for this semester, you’ll need to make an assignment.  To do so, click Assignments, then click the “+Assignment” button.  In the Assignment Name field, type “Clicker Points” or something memorable to both you and the students.”  Next to Points, type the number of total possible clicker points for this upload.  Next to Submission Type, choose “No Submission.”  Click “Save and Publish.”

If you’ve already created a clicker points assignment in Canvas and you need to update the total possible clicker points, click Assignments, then click the gear icon next to your clicker points assignment and click Edit.  Change the points to the new total, and click Save.

Click Grades on the left, then click the Import button on the right.

Click the button next to “Choose a CSV file to upload” and select the file that we exported from i>clicker.

Click Upload Data.  Click on Choose assignment, and select your clicker points assignment.  Click Continue.

You should now see a preview of the changes about to be made to your gradebook.  To finish, click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the window.


As always, if you have any questions regarding anything clicker-related, please email


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