Frequently Asked Questions

Is i>clicker compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems?
Yes, i>clicker is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.
What software package can I use i>clicker with?
i>clicker can be used with any software package and is not dependent on a particular software package. It has a floating toolbar, so it can be used with any type of software package to YouTube Videos via a web browser.
What do I need to get started?
You will need to e-mail clickers [at] psu [dot] edu and an instructor kit, including a blue instructor remote and a USB with the software, will be provided to you.
Why should I use the blue i>clicker instructor remote?
This device can be used to advance the slides of your presentation or show the correct answers or charts from any location within the room. Instructors can also start and stop polling via this device from anywhere in the room.
Do I need to prepare my questions ahead of time?
No, questions and answers can be created on the fly with i>clicker.
Can I use my existing Microsoft PowerPoint presentations that already have my questions embedded?
Yes, you will be able to use your existing presentation, but you will need to do some slight tweaking. Since i>clicker accepts responses from a-e, you must limit possible responses to no more than five.
Where can I find the software on the podium computer?
The software will not be installed on the computers in the technology classrooms. Rather, you will have the software with you on a USB device.This will allow you to take the device with you and access your session data from any computer at any location. If you choose, you may also store and save the information to your U-Drive or PASS space.
Can I run i>clicker on my laptop?
Yes. You will need to arrange with us to borrow a receiver to use with your laptop. You may do this by e-mailing clickers [at] psu [dot] edu (subject: iclicker with Laptop) .
What do I need to know if I want to use the system with my own laptop?
You will need to be certain to configure the software and your laptop to the correct channel for the room you will be using.If not set correctly, you could experience interference if someone is also using the system in an adjacent room. Channels will be assigned to all general-purpose classrooms and the information posted in the room at the podium.
Where can I download the latest i>clicker software?
Software updates will be available from the ITS Downloads site. Although the software can also be downloaded from the i>clicker website, it’s best to use the version available fromITS due to Penn State specific settings.
Is i>clicker integrated with Angel?
Please see Using i>clicker v6.1 with ANGEL. We continue to work with the company to fully integrate i>clicker with Angel.
Do I need to contact the Bookstore that I’m planning to adopt i>clicker?
Yes. In order to have sufficient quantities on hand for students, you should notify Barnes & Noble at The Penn State Bookstore just as you do for textbooks.
Where can students purchase an i>clicker?
i>clickers can be purchased from resellers such as Barnes & Noble at The Penn State Bookstore,, or from anywhere else that i>clickers are sold.
Can my students purchase web>kclicer for their mobile device?
ITS thoroughly tested web>clicker during our pilot and found the service to be unreliable in its current form. Several instructors also indicated during our pilot survey that they would not be willing to allow students to use mobile devices during their class. Although in the works, we do not currently have sufficient wireless coverage to provide reliable service to all general-purpose classrooms on campus. A four-year subscription for web>clicker is $32, which around the same price and lifespan of the i>clicker. Due to these reasons, we are not offering web>clicker as an option at this time. We will continue to investigate the viability of web>clicker in the future as it matures.
Which model of i>clicker should my students purchase?
Penn State supports all models of i>clicker.  The Penn State Bookstore is currently selling the i>clicker 2, but students do not need to purchase a new i>clicker 2 if their current i>clicker or i>clicker+ is working.
Do my students need to register their i>clicker?
If you want to be able to tie participation or answers to a student, then they will need to register their clicker using their Penn State Access Account ID (their e-mail address, not the 9-digit student number). Students register their clickers at the i>clicker registration page.
Is i>clicker instructor training available?
Yes, ITS Training Services will be offering training sessions during the summer in addition to the live and on-line training tutorials available through i>clicker Support. One-on-one training will also be available from ITS upon request.
Who should I call if I have a problem in the classroom?
You should contact the Technology Classroom Hotline at 8-777-0035.
Can students sell their i>clicker back to the PennState Bookstore?
Yes. The device may also be sold or given to another student, who will then need to visit the website and re-register the i>clicker.
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