Where can I purchase an i>clicker?

  • You can purchase i>clickers from resellers such as at The Penn State Bookstore, Amazon.com, or anywhere else that sells i>clicker.

Which model of i>clicker should I buy?

  • The Penn State Bookstore is currently selling the i>clicker 2, but all models of i>clicker are supported.

If I already have an i>clicker or i>clicker+, do I need to buy an i>clicker 2?

  • No, all models of i>clicker are supported.  You do not need to buy an i>clicker 2 if your current i>clicker works.
Why can’t I use my laptop, tablet, or phone as a clicker?
  • ITS is investigating mobile response solutions, but has not yet chosen a product to support.
I’m visually impaired, can I use an i>clicker?
  • i>clicker does offer clicker solutions for visually impaired users.  Email clickers@psu.edu for more information.

Can I resell my i>clicker?

  • Yes. Once you are done with your clicker, it can be resold.

Do I need to register my i>clicker?

  • In order to receive credit for participation or answers, you will need to register your clicker.  Visit http://clickers.psu.edu and register your clicker for ANGEL and/or Canvas, depending on which LMS your course is using.  If you are enrolled in an ANGEL and a Canvas course, you may need to register your clicker for both systems.  You only need to register your clicker once per year per LMS, beginning in the fall semester.

What should I do if my new i>clicker does not work?

  • i>clickers have a one-year limited warranty. If a problem occurs, let your instructor know as soon as possible. If you purchased the device new, you may return it to the location you purchased it from. You can also contact i>clicker’s Technical Support Center for troubleshooting tips and help at 866-209-5698, or send an email to support [at] iclicker [dot] com.

Can I share an i>clicker with my roommate?

  • Since the clicker will be registered in your name, you cannot share a clicker.

What should I do if I lose my i>clicker?

  • First let your instructor know. We also suggest that you check with the lost and found at the HUB. If ITS recovers your clicker, we will do our best to return it to the rightful owner as quickly as possible.
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